Voice Dialogue Transformational Psychology Course

Welcome to Voice Dialogue & Transformational Psychology Course

Specialization course for professional counsellors who want to make a real difference!

Next start on January 24, 2024


Including E-Learning package worth € 995,00!

You may very well recognize yourself in one or more of the following questions:

  • Are you ready for a next step in your professional development?
  • Do you want to add a powerful method to your repertoire?
  • Do you like to have more depth in your work?
  • Do you sometimes get stuck in your accompanying trajectories with your clients?
  • Do you find it sometimes difficult to interpret problems of your clients?
  • Do the conversations with your clients stay too superficial and rational?
  • Are you too eager to offer solutions to your clients solutions?
  • Do you sometimes experience tensions between you and your clients?
  • Do you have little experience with energy work?
  • Do you have little experience with accompanying painful feelings and traumatic experiences?
  • Do you notice only little change in your clients after several sessions?
  • Don’t you consider yourself an expert yet as a coach or therapist?
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In that case this inspiring training program may be suitable for you. You will learn to assimilate a wonderful working method, and you will be able to apply the principles of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology in your own practice.

In addition the course is aimed at deepening the personal process of the participants, which will result in more depth in their work with clients. We will work with deeper layers of consciousness, the awareness of the body and its energy fields and there will be a focus on the development of one’s own spirituality.

To teach all aspects of the work and to enable participants to apply these in practice the ITP, based on more than 30 years of experience in training professionals, has developed this balanced program consisting of 15 training days.

The program is particularly suitable for people who wish to efficiently accompany clients who have questions around the following themes:

For whom

Experienced psychologists, coaches, psychotherapists, trainers, mediators and managers. They have at least three years of working experience as a coach/trainer/therapist, they have a strong professional background, have done their psychological homework and they have a developing insight in themselves as an instrument in their profession.

Martin Waziers – France, about the course

The holistic approach you took was quite stunning to me and it certainly helped me see Voice Dialogue as powerful. The trainers were very professional and I will gladly recommend people to your sessions; the fact of the matter is you form an excellent balancing act in my view and I could constantly feel the two sides of me responding to your energies combined. If you left nothing clear in the open, it gave a sense of safety all around. Finally, this combination of individual exposure and group dynamics made me feel I was truly taken care of; I have rarely felt that part of a trainee assembly.

Content of the Voice Dialogue Course

The following topics will be treated. About 1/3 of the time theory will be presented and 2/3 of the time will be experiential. Participants will receive a Voice Dialogue session by an experienced facilitator.

  • Voice Dialogue method: theory of the Psychology of Selves and the experience in the form of sessions
  • Training in Voice Dialogue facilitation
  • Transformational Psychology and the Aware Ego and the applications to relationship (personal and work)
  • Working with the Inner Critic
  • Working with dreams, to recognise the Unconscious as an ally
  • The symbolic and meditative process
  • Different forms of body- and energywork
  • Journal writing

We are responsive to people’s needs as these are expressed, thus, each group is a unique experience. Attention will be paid to the group process and the themes and energies present in the moment.


The knowledge and experience acquired during a Voice Dialogue Training can be applied concretely in your personal and professional life in various ways:

In your personal life:

  • A greater ability to relax and take some distance (retreat).
  • More awareness around the vital themes in your life, and more insight in the polarities that play a role (parts).
  • More awareness about your vulnerability, survival mechanisms, challenges and pitfalls.
  • A greater ability to make clear choices (relationships, work, meaning in life).
  • Deepening by coming into contact with your unconscious (i.e. through drerams) and by recognising your unconscious as an ally.
  • More awareness about energy: experiencing physical energy, energy fields, vitality.
  • A greater ability to take protect your vulnerabilty without disowning it.
  • Contact with your Inner Strenght and a greater ability to use it.

In your professional life:

  • Being able to use Voice Dialogue as a diagnostic tool.
  • The ability to work with subpersonalities.
  • A better balance between personal and impersonal in your work.
  • More awareness about your style of preference in your work.
  • The ability to use more aspects of yourself in your work.
  • Being able to look through the spectacles of the psychology of selves.
  • A greater awareness of the energetics, both of yourself and of your clients.
  • Being able to work with Awareness.
  • A better balance between ‘action’ and ‘being’ in your work.
  • A greater ability to understand, recognize and handle the dynamics of relationship.

The books The energetics of Voice Dialogue and Embracing Our Selves have to be read before the start of the program. You will receive several articles during the training.

Participants receive E-Learning packages Principles, Deepening and Facilitation..

Study load
The training lasts 18 days.


  • NIP: 98 PE for clinical skills
  • ICF: 18 CCE – core competencies 11, resource development 8


The training is in English and/or Dutch depending on the participants. In subgroups people can work also in other languages.

Practical information 

Terms and conditions and the ITP code

The ITP terms and conditions, as well as the ITP code, apply to all of our trainings.

Who is Robert Stamboliev?

Since 1983 I’ve put the Voice Dialogue method on the map in Europe and founded the Institute for Transformational Psychology (ITP) in 1988. The educational and training programs of the ITP have been developed under my guidance, in interaction with a selection of trainers and students.

Next to that I have developed leadership programs for various organizations and I also enjoy facilitating the development of excellence of process workers (trainers, coaches, therapists, managers and teachers).

Robert Stamboliev

Voice Dialogue: The Method explained

Voice Dialogue is a method to come into dialogue with our inner voices. These voices belong to the various parts of our personality: our selves. Each of these selves has its own way of thinking, feeling, behaviour and observation. Often we identify with one or more subpersonalities, our so-called “primary selves”, while other parts of us try to let themselves be heard in vain.

How does Voice Dialogue work?

In Voice Dialogue the various selves are invited to speak freely, to manifest themselves with all their energy. Freely means without interference of the ego, which often identifies itself with critical subpersonalities, like the “controller” and the “critic”.

With Voice Dialogue one can go as ‘deep’ as one likes, but also as ‘high’ as one can reach, as ‘low’ and as ‘far’ as one dares. It is the exploration of our inner space, in which both heaven and earth have their place. The ultimate goal of the training is to get to know ourselves in all dimensions, to acquire more possibilities of choice from an increasingly aware ego.

As a result, the ensuing shift in our energy patterns also changes consciousness. This changing view of ourselves alters our possibilities for relationships and our place in the world.

What are the benefits of Voice Dialogue?

The Voice Dialogue process can create rapid changes in the client. Here are some of the benefits: