Voice Dialogue – Complete package

FULL PACKAGE (152 hours)
The Full package consists of Voice Dialogue PRINCIPLES, DEEPENING and FACILITATION

The masterclass Voice Dialogue – Principles (48 hours) introduces you to the basic Principles of Voice
Dialogue and Transformational Psychology: the consciousness model and energetics. You do not
need any prior knowledge in order to take part in this masterclass. All of the provided materials
(videos, documents, exercises) are intended for your personal development.

The masterclass Voice Dialogue – Deepening (48 hours) brings you knowledge about relationships,
working with the unconscious, instinctive energies, addictions and archetypes.

The masterclass Voice Dialogue – Facilitation (56 hours) provides in-depth information about Voice
Dialogue and Transformational Psychology from a professional perspective: that of a Voice Dialogue
session facilitator.

The full package gives a complete overview of the state of the art of Voice Dialogue and the
Psychology of Selves.