Voice Dialogue in Psychotherapy

How can we bring the human touch back into the treatment room? The Voice Dialogue method, developed by psychologists couple Dr. Hal & Dr. Sidra Stone, lends itself perfectly to this. The starting point is that every person has several and often opposing sides or subpersonalities within themselves. These can cause conflict and stress, but you can also learn to ‘dance’ with them. This requires consciousness growth, the development of an Aware Ego to learn to protect, nurture or carry underlying vulnerabilities.

Whether it is burnout, addiction, hearing voices, MUPS, anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep disorders or grief, Voice Dialogue offers tools for this. The book covers very vividly described, instructive and inspiring practical examples for each theme. It offers the reader insight and outlines the limitless possibilities and effectiveness of this counseling and therapy method. It also gives the inspiration to start working with this elegant method yourself.

Voice Dialogue in Psychotherapy is intended for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, as well as experiencers, therapeutic coaches and all other skilled counselors who would like to expand their arsenal of therapeutic skills.


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