My name is Anita Bakker. I have been working for over 20 years as trainer, coach and roleplay- actor.

My experience as drama therapist depicts my way of working. I belief in the power of personal practises, self-learning and experiencing. I like to work with playful exercises, psychodrama techniques and unexpected interventions.

In the past 5 years, my work shifted more and more towards coaching of clients and training of coaches. Initially I started as trainer for coaches towards their certification for the Boertien group.

In 2014 I started as an independent professional and besides my coaching work I specialised in training experienced coaches in their skills. On a regular basis, I conduct workshops and seminars to rejuvenate and deepen the skills of coaches and professional counsellors.

Voice Dialogue has my professional heart. When I encountered Voice Dialogue 15 years ago, I was very impressed by it’s profound impact. I decided that this was my way forward. I still carry the deep impressions of the intensive course from the founders Hal en Sidra Stone in America.  Enriching to me is the combination of psychodrama and Voice Dialogue. In this expertise called Voicedrama Lex Mulder and Berry Collewijn trained me.

In 2014 I wrote the Dutch book “Coaching with courage, reinforcing Transactionele Analysis and Voice Dialogue”, together with Jacqui Halmans. We presented new training methods assembling TA and Voice Dialogue. On this synergy, a coaching method originates that in a playful manner addresses the core of the issue and is also result oriented. Although it was a great adventure for me to combine these two methods and to train coaches in that subject ,I kept feeling the necessity to deepen my skills in the elementary approximation of Voice Dialogue.

When ITP crossed my life path, I was stuck by the meticulous approach in which they work with Voice Dialogue from the perspective of transformational psychology. The profound energetic and professional way of working they pursue integrates seamlessly with my need for more focus. I like to colour my work on in-depth inner processes with playfulness and humour. It is rewarding that ITP encourages these elements.

Concluding; ITP offers a professional approach that matches with mine and is a place where I feel confident professionally and personally. Looking forward to a beautiful future.