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Voice Dialogue is the method for contacting, educating yourself and working with the many selves that make up our personalities.

With this method you’ll experience the Aware Ego Process that lets you embrace all your selves. Embracing these selves will give you free and real choices in life. It empowers you to live more fully and consciously.

You have the opportunity to learn all about Voice Dialogue from Robert Stamboliev, who laid the foundations for this wonderful method in Europe.

Robert Stamboliev

Start learning about Voice Dialogue

If you’re interested in participating in Voice Dialogue our free Voice Dialogue content is the resource for you! You’ll be provided with many video’s on various subjects in Transformational Psychology, tips on how to practice Voice Dialogue, you can read all our (academic) articles.

However, you should know that in order to become skilled in Voice Dialogue you should practice the method.

Current news - Facilitator training in Sweden

Learn to facilitate clients in Voice Dialogue with Robert Stamboliev! This course in combines online and in-person learning spanning over three modules may to december 2023 in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Voice Dialogue Masterclasses

Voice Dialogue - Principles

This masterclass brings you the basis Principles of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology

Voice Dialogue - Deepening

This masterclass deepens your knowledge on the following topics

Voice Dialogue - Facilitation

This masterclass brings you knowledge on Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology from a professional perspective

Start mastering Voice Dialogue today

The skills, wisdom and insights you’ll acquire from the Masterclass are directly and fundamentally applicable in your every day life.

Each chapter consists of videos, in which Robert Stamboliev explains all the important concepts in Voice Dialogue, carefully selected written sources to delve deeper into the material and several exercises which will help you make the knowledge directly experiential and practicable. 

Our Voice Dialogue Masterclass is suited for those who are just starting their journey of self-discovery as well as those who have been underway and are looking for the depth and insight that only decades of experience can provide. 

The Masterclass contains

Voice Dialogue coaching

With the guidance of a trained and experienced facilitator you’ll learn to navigate your many selves. Voice Dialogue is unique in that it facilitates a conversation between two people, instead of being a one-way-street. 

We’ll bring you into contact with one of the many skilled facilitators that Robert Stamboliev has trained over the years (and if you’re lucky Robert himself is available!)

After just a few sessions you’ll notice the benefits of having a Voice Dialogue!