I’m Anita Roelands, a psychologist registered at the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP), Labour & Organisation, specialising in burnout, educated in Hatha Yoga and Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Since 1999 I have counselled hundreds of managers and professionals in the care, profit and cultural sector and in education who are suffering from major work pressure, feel overburdened and believe things cannot continue this way. I help them prevent a burnout and keep their batteries filled until they can be successful in their work.

In addition, I help companies and organisations using a three-step plan to implement structural prevention and vitality in the DNA of the organisation. I do this together with other HR professionals.

Among other things, we ensure that managers make their department burnout-proof to prevent absenteeism and high figures of absence through illness, so employees remain productive and enjoy their work.

The pressure of work gives you a feeling of being swamped by “too much”, you start reacting hurried and you start doing what others expect instead of steering your own course. At a certain moment you no longer take time for lunch at work and no longer know which signals are ‘normal’.

I find it important to know your own signals and limits and choosing your own work pace in order to be in charge of your working day. This gets the frown out of your eyebrows, makes you set priorities better and gives you an overview. So you can get out of bed again, fit and whistling to go to work, are successful in your work and still have time for other activities outside work.

My mainspring is to prevent people from getting a burnout and high absenteeism.

I’m a writer of the successful book “Nooit meer burn-out! – in drie stappen leren genieten van werk en leven” (Farwell burnout – learning to enjoy work and life in three steps).