I am a psychologist, coach, trainer, mother of 3 children, partner, friend, the eldest of 3 daughters, I sing classical music and enjoy making music with others, I love nature and I love life, my roots are in Africa, and I am so much more.

With light-heartedness, depth and compassion, I move people, both literally and figuratively. I mentor people to dare to be forthright, both with themselves and with others. I am curious about people’s individuality and I see how liberating it can be to live your life more in accordance with that. Personally, I believe that the starting point of change is seeing yourself as the benchmark.

I’m very happy to be working as a trainer at the ITP, where increasing awareness is a top priority. You are invited to explore both your own strengths and vulnerabilities, and to transform yourself as much as you wish. The way that the ITP works – experientially, taking into account the head, heart & feet – means that a change really can take place.

I also make frequent use of Voice Dialogue at my practice in Haarlem. Alongside Voice Dialogue, I am trained in systematic work (attitudes), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Provocative Coaching and Clownery. I am registered as a psychologist with the NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists), as a Registered Psychologist for Employment & Organisation.

My mission is to show people that they can be happier with themselves and to use this as a basis to function better in their professional and private lives.

More information available at www.meervanjezelf.nl