For Coaches: Working with dreams.

The meaning of dreams can be explored independently or in a session with guidance. This can consist of analysing – talking about– or by re-entering your dream. 


Here are a few handles for working with dreams. 


First some tips for the facilitator:

  1. As the facilitator you should not ask why and not be led by your own opinion or interpretation.
  2. Ask the client specific, factual questions about the dream. This usually works best when the client closes his/her eyes and re-enters the dream and thus re-experiences it
  3. Then work from the outside to the inside by successively asking the client questions about: 
    • The environment: is it, for instance, light or dark, what can you hear, what is the weather like, what do the chairs look like, what is the plane doing, how is the space divided, etc .
    • The dream figures: what do they look like, what are they doing, how old are they, are they women or men, how are they looking at you, are they seeking contact, how far away are they from you, are they talking to you or are you alone: what is that like, etc.
    • About the dreamer: what do you like, what are you doing, what is your pose like, what are you thinking, how are you feeling, are these feelings changing in your dream, what do you think about the environment and the dream figures, do you have an influence on what is happening, are you showing your feelings, does what you want to convey come across properly or are you simply mumbling, are you taking initiative, do your actions have an effect, what is the atmosphere like in your dream, etc.


4. If the dream consists of several parts then split it up and explore the environment, dream figures and particularities of the dreamer for each separate part. Let the client talk in the present tense and in the right order.


5. For each part the client can finish the following sentence:

  • My life currently seems or feels like…..


When all this is clear, you can continue to work with the dream in several ways:

  1. Analysing / discussing 
  2. Determining the moment of choice in your dream 
  3. Seeking dream friend help 
  4. Copying a pose or movement 
  5. Exploring a dream figure or object