For Coaches: C. Dream friend help

If you want to change the ending of your dream and would like help.

  1. List all figures. Which one gives you a positive feeling? A feeling of strength, warmth, safety.
  2. If there is no such figure in your dream then find one from previous dreams, your state of wakefulness or from a book. You can also think of an animal or a fictional or fairytale character you feel attracted to.
  3. Decide which situation in your dream you would like to change. Re-enter the dream.
  4. Be aware of your ally; his strength and warmth.
  5. Feel this strength in your body: imagine it is flowing through your entire body.
  6. Keep hold of this feeling and change the situation (with your behaviour only!). Continue to feel/keep contact with your ally.
  7. How do you feel now you have given your dream a different ending this way?