Exercise: Journal Writing

To become more aware of what the aspects in yourself have to say and to continue the process of transformation you are currently in, you can shape this via a writing exercise. This writing exercise, called Journal Writing, works as follows:

  • Take a clear sheet of paper.
  • Take a pencil, felt-tip pen or crayon in the colour of your choice. Do this with your dominant hand, which is the right for most people.
  • Then take a pencil, felt-tip pen, or crayon in the colour of your choice with your non-dominant hand.

Start by writing your address, town, name and date of birth with your non-dominant hand.
Then follow the reactions in yourself. 

Perhaps you have commented on your style of writing and you feel the need to react to this with your dominant hand. 

If so, then follow this impulse. You can probably already feel two aspects of yourself.
Carry on by writing down or drawing the reactions of these aspects. 

Follow your impulse and see what unfolds.
If you feel the need to use other colours, then go ahead


This exercise can also be done if you are feeling stress about a certain matter in your life. You can explore your primary and disowned selves with Journal Writing on a deeper level. Use your dominant hand for your primary aspects. Use your non-dominant hand for your disowned aspects.

This method was developed by Lucia Capacchione.