1. Introduction on masterclass Voice Dialogue – facilitation

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Welcome to the masterclass Voice Dialogue – Facilitation. This masterclass brings you knowledge on Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology form a professional perspective: facilitating Voice Dialogue sessions. In this document, you’ll find in more detail the learning path of the masterclass Voice Dialogue –Facilitation. 

For entering this Masterclass, you have an understanding of the Voice Dialogue method. You have received a minimum of three individual Voice Dialogue sessions by an experienced facilitator <link >. All given material (video’s, documents, exercises) are intended for your professional development. The more you dive into the materials, the more you gain. We wish you a beautiful journey towards a good understanding of Voice Dialogue facilitation and improving yourself as an instrument. 


Time commitment

To complete all the chapters of this Masterclass Voice Dialogue – Facilitation, you’ll have to invest approximately 56hrs. We recommend you to divide it in several slots for digesting your own transformation process over a period of 3 months.  

What are your learning objectives?

From a didactic point of view, it is very helpful to identify your own learning objectives. It gives you structure and guidance. What are your reasons to enter this masterclass? What do you want to learn from this masterclass and in what way do you want to develop yourself? The more specific you write down your learning objectives, the more focused you will be. So, write down your learning objectives in the notesbox.  Of course you can add and change your learning objectives during the masterclass.