Read the introduction

In Voice Dialogue, the facilitator brings him/herself into the session. If you want to or not. It goes without saying that the better you know yourself, the more consciously you’ll bring yourself into a session and the more effective you will be as a facilitator. In this part you reflect on yourself as an instrument and how well you already can play it!

Watch the video​

Watch video 56 (3:24 min) and take notes while watching.

Reflect on the video

Reflect on the things you learned from the video in the notes box. What strikes you? What intrigues you? What resonates with you? What do you recognize?

Read the summary

Read the summary of yourself as an instrument [7.4 summary yourself as an instrument.docx] and complete your notes if necessary.

Tune your instrument - exercise

Using the instrument as a metaphor, the following topics need attention: 

a. Take care of your instrument, keep it clean.

b. Tune it before you start playing

c. Practice your music; study new rhythms, melodies, compositions

This means  in Voice Dialogue terms that you reflect on your basic assumptions, you keep track of your Primary Selves and your Vulnerability, you listen to the resonance in yourself and use your selves and energy centres for induction, in a careful and elegant way. 

In becoming aware of your assumptions, you discover primary selves that are active. There is nothing wrong with this – we all have our rules- but if you don’t have access to your polarities then this can hinder your freedom when  accessing your abilities.

 Make a list of all your assumptions regarding the topicsyou’ll find in the document, and you will have more insight in your primary and disowned selves

Reflect on the exercise tune your instrument

Reflect on your exercise in the notes box. What strikes you? What intrigues you? Which primary and disowned selves have you identified? If you relate it to the sessions you have already facilitated, with which of your client’s subpersonalities it is easy or difficult to communicate? With which subpersonalities can you or can you not easily resonate?