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The complete and unique E-Learning Masterclass Voice Dialogue.

Many chair work techniques have been developed, none as effective as Voice Dialogue. I have trained thousands of people in Voice Dialogue since 1983 and developed many teaching programs and introduced this wonderful method in most European countries and also worked in Asia, North and South America.

Voice Dialogue is the method for contacting, educating yourself and working with the many selves that make up our personalities. 

With this method you’ll experience the Aware Ego Process that lets you embrace all your selves. Embracing these selves will give you the capacity to make free and real choices in life. It empowers you to live more fully and consciously.

This is the first time that this approach is documented and presented in such a complete and didactically tested form. Many hours of research have led to this program.

You have the opportunity to learn all about Voice Dialogue with me.

You can benefit from it now…the action is yours!

Robert Stamboliev

Experience the Voice Dialogue Method through our online video courses!

Learn the basics with the free Mini Class or if you’re ready to jump in, join our Fundamentals course for beginners to become skilled in the art of Voice Dialogue. 

If you’re already a practicing coach/trainer you can also join or ‘Become a facilitator’ course in which you will take the first preparatory steps into becoming a Voice Dialogue facilitator.

Voice Dialogue - Principles

This masterclass brings you the basis Principles of Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology

Voice Dialogue - Deepening

This masterclass deepens your knowledge on the following topics

Voice Dialogue - Facilitation

This masterclass brings you knowledge on Voice Dialogue and Transformational Psychology from a professional perspective

What will you get in our Masterclasses?

A LearnVoiceDialogue Masterclass is the perfect introduction into the world of Voice Dialogue. You’ll become acquainted with this process within yourself in a personal, accesible and clear way.

The material will be presented in the following way: 

Our masterclasses


Voice Dialogue - Principles

€ 295,-


Voice Dialogue - Deepening

€ 395,-


Voice Dialogue - Facilitation

€ 495,-

  • Free mini class

    • 3
    • 1:00:15
    • Beginners

    Your First Voice Dialogue Experience in three videos

    • Learn about the benefits of Voice Dialogue
    • Learn the Voice Dialogue Basic knowledge
    • Gain a first insight into your own selves
    • Experience the Voice Dialogue method in action!