Short, intensive and result-oriented relationship therapy.Are you both feeling lonely in your relationship, are you scared of losing each other and cannot manage to break the vicious circle you are in?Is there also little depth and genuine intimacy between you? Do you find this disappointing and tiring and would you like to finally see positive changes in your relationship?

We would be happy to support you in restoring the emotional cnnection with each other and creating more depth in your relationship. So you:

• Challenge and stimulate each other.
• Can be yourself in the relationship.
• Get the best out of each other.
• Feel safe and secure again with each other.
• Give each other the feeling that your relationship comes first.
• Feel love and passion again!

Over 80% of the couples we counsel stay together, experience more depth and say that they feel better in the relationship.

How do couples in particular end up with relationship problems?
Hoping for that wonderful relationship without talking about your deeper feelings is an utopia… The consequence of repressing, not sharing and not being receptive to each others’ emotions lead to a variety of complicated patterns. This can result in the fear of losing each other, which in turn results in attack reactions and withdrawal.
Partners do this to protect themselves, the effect is, however, even more distance and increasing fear of losing each other. The consequence is a vicious circle, or worse, a whirlpool in which we risk drowning.

Wou too can build up this pleaseant intimate relationship!
Many went before you. All with the same attitude: willing to fight for this great relationship and not settling for anything less. This means confronting how to effectively deal with yourself and each other and acquiring plenty of knowledge about how you can create a loving and passionate relationship.
This is what our programmes are geared towards: offering you specific knowledge and handles so you can confidently work on the recovery of your emotional connection and deepen your relationship.

Three-day Relationship Therapy Retreat
We offer relationship therapy in weekly or biweekly talks or in programmes lasting several days.

The Relationship Therapy Retreat is the form most couples choose. Taking time to really give your situation some thought. Spread over three consecutive days, you will have five talks. Followed by an aftercare talk four weeks later to guarantee your progress. This intensive programme creates a breakthrough in your situation and gives your relationship a huge boost in a brief period.
The Relationship Therapy Retreat can also take place during the weekend.

Doesn’t your partner want to go into relationship therapy?
If your partner doesn’t want to go into relationship therapy, you can choose to do this anyway. On your own you can also in many cases breathe new life into the relationship!

Guidance & worklocations
you are counselled by Robert Stamboliev To bring about an optimum balance it is possible to work with two counsellors, a male and a female therapist. If you have a preference for this, enquire about the particularities and options.

We will be glad to welcome you to one of our atmospheric residences. Robert works at our location in the beautiful inspiring Bergen, North Holland. Ruud at the relaxing and slowed down area of Beerta, Groningen.

Relationship therapy with Voice Dialogue and EFT
If you want to read more about how we work, then we recommend the following two books:
• ‘Partnering: a new kind of relationship’ by Hal & Sidra Stone. Based on Voice Dialogue and the psychology of selves.
• ‘Hold me tight’ by Sue Johnson, in which EFT is explained.

Curious about whether our relationship therapy fits in with your question or problem? Do not hesitate to email or call us for information or a free introductory talk. We will be happy to talk to you.

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