Three-day intensive program.
Have you been trying to solve your relationship issues for some time and is this not working? In addition, do you recognise yourself in one or more of the following points:
• Do you feel lonely in your relationship?
• Are you scared of losing each other?
• Has one of you been unfaithful?
• Are you sad and exhausted about the situation?
• Have you been in ‘survival mode’ for some time?
• Do you argue a lot?
• Are you living separate lives?
• Do you not see a way of getting out of the vicious circle?
• Is making love and cuddling a burden and do you barely do this?Struggling with your relationship isn’t what you want. Treating each other lovingly and feeling safe with the other is what you need to feel happy. What this requires is the skill to talk about your feelings and desires, forgiving each other’s ‘mistakes’ and having the tools to stay away from your pitfalls. You can learn this in this three-day Relationship Therapy Retreat, where you will focus on a loving relationship.

Relationship therapy in a pressure cooker
The programme is suitable for people who want results fast or are in a crisis. In addition, the Relationship Retreat is extremely suitable for couples who want to combine a few days away with deepening their relationship. Experience has taught us that several conversations over a consecutive period have considerably better results, because problems and questions can be explored in depth without interruption. It is therefore no surprise that 70% of our participants choose this programme because of its major success in a very short time.

Time for yourselves
Break through everyday routine and make time for yourselves! Distance, a different environment and the view of a neutral therapist can give you a new outlook on your situation. After all, when can you really make time to think about your relationship and your own needs?

The Relationship Therapy Retreat is an intensive programme comprising on choice of four or five sessions lasting on average two hours. There is enough time to let the experiences gained sink in, to relax and to enjoy each other.
In general, we receive you in the morning and the evening in our atmospheric accommodation. In this session we work in a relaxed atmosphere on subjects you have broached. Without prejudice and with compassion! There are no other couples during your programme.

At the end of the programme you get handles and practical tips to stay away from your pitfalls. Three to five weeks after the retreat we receive you during a three-hour aftercare talk, a morning or afternoon session. This is to guarantee your progress.

After the Relationship Therapy Retreat you will:
• Experience a deeper connection and more intimacy.
• Be able to talk to each other better.
• Experience more tranquillity and peace at home.
• Feel butterflies again.
• Rediscover and value each other more.
• Give each other space to also fulfil your personal desires.
• Develop into a loving and passionate relationship!

Over 80% of the couples we counselled stay together, experience more depth and state that they feel better in the relationship.

We don’t want to make things seem better than they are. Sometimes too much has happened and the love has crumbled to such an extent, that it turns out during the retreat that restoring the connection is impossible, and a break-up is inevitable. We do see that, because of the talks, couples can end their relationship in a respectful manner and are therefore capable of, for instance, making proper arrangements about the children, finances and the house.

The Relationship Therapy Retreat is also a good way of finding out whether you want to carry on together at all. This requires both of you to start the talks with an open attitude and let go of the outcome.

Counselling & work location
You will be counselled by Robert Stamboliev or a colleague. To realise an optimum balance it is possible to work with two counsellors, a male and a female therapist. If you have a preference for this, enquire about the particularities and options.

We will be glad to welcome you to one of our atmospheric residences. Robert works at our location in the beautiful inspiring Bergen, North Holland. The immediate vicinity offers nice accommodation, whether or not in combination with exploring the area.

Your investment
Your investment for the Relationship Therapy Retreat with one therapist is for four sessions € 1497,-, for five sessions € 1872,- Exclusive of 21% VAT. And an aftercare session and an introductory telephone call.

To realise an optimum balance it is possible to work with two counsellors, a male and a female therapist. If you have a preference for this, enquire about the particularities and options.

After your registration you receive an invoice. As soon as this is payed, your registration is definite. Until two months before the retreat you can cancell free of charge. If the retreat cannot take place due to force majeure, we can plan new dates together. If you are running a company and your relationship iussues have a negative impact on your work, we can put the bill on your company.

Reaction of a couple
For us the Relationship Therapy Retreat was a revelation. Thinking about our relationship together, without the children, for several days in a row was so illuminating for both of us. We didn’t want to hurt each other, but it had been going on for years. Hearing our painful experiences together during the talks saved our relationship.
Before the retreat our marriage seemed like one big jumble of ambiguities. You helped us detangle the jumble so well. Thank you for your hospitality, great sense of humour and ability not to prejudge.
Patrick and Henna

More information
Would you like to know whether the Relationship Therapy Retreat fits in with your question or problem?
Do not hesitate to email or call us for information or a free introductory talk. We will be happy to talk to you.

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