The Next Step: a conversation with the soul

In Christian thinking the soul is deemed to be the vital principle that leaves the body at the time of death: giving up the ghost. And psychology used to cling to the word “psyche”, without being articulate about the exact meaning of the concept. Only in modern day psychology has “psyche” been defined as consciousness or mind.

In Voice Dialogue, which is, after all, a method that aims to start a process in consciousness, a “next step” could be the search for a location where that consciousness may be addressed. At the moment, there is no clear scientific postulate where consciousness is lodged. In orthodox thought it is believed to be the result of the functioning of the brain. Alternatively, there are assumptions that consciousness is present in the area around the heart, or lodged everywhere in the body, for instance in the chakras. But now, it seems, things may become a bit more clear…

A quantum theory of consciousness

Two eminent scientists, Prof. Dr. Stuart Hamerhoff and Sir Dr. Roger Penrose, in a new quantum theory of consciousness, stipulate that the essence of our soul, the carrier of our consciousness, consists of quantum substances, which are present in structures that are called micro tubules, within our brain cells. Our experience of consciousness would then be the result of quantum gravity effects within these structures. Our consciousness is more than an interaction between our brain cells, but is derived from the basis quantum energy in the Universe. (1)

Researchers claim similarities with Buddhism and Hinduism, both of which maintain that consciousness forms an integral part of the Universe.

A dialogue with the soul

If the soul, that quantum particle of energy within our brain cells, is the carrier of our universal consciousness, it follows that we can speak to our soul about this consciousness, just as we can talk to our vulnerable energy through the Vulnerable Child. After our birth, we quickly forget this cosmic, soul/consciousness energy that has come down to us, and we start to develop our own ego consciousness, based on heredity and life experiences. Often we lose contact with our soul because of the expansion of an egocentric consciousness.

In spite of this, some people occasionally catch a glimpse of this universal consciousness, for instance as the result of a near death-experience, during a peak experience, or under the influence of certain drugs. Others think they may have caught a glimpse of it during meditation because it can become so unbelievably quiet inside and things feel so different. Perhaps, at that stage, we have reached an altered state of consciousness, but it does not last. We are not in contact with our soul, that small, clean, cosmic particle of consciousness.

What would last is striking up a dialogue with our soul. In that case, what would we talk about? I believe the conversation should be about “innocence”. It must be a dialogue with the “Innocent One” within us. And, obviously, with the “Guilty One”, too. That Next Step will be a decisive one. We will not get away with a few “Hail Mary’s” any longer. Courage will be of the essence, and the presence of a seasoned facilitator, full of compassion. Is this taking matters one step too far? I do not think so, the world demands it.

(1) Quantum theory concerns the study of elementary, non-traceable, sub-atomic particles in the universe. These can manifest themselves both as particles and as waves (cf. light and photons). Einstein named them “quantum” (Latin for “quantity” or “how much?”) in order to stress the uncertainty of the phenomenon.