We come to you, wherever you are in the world!

Training available in your own language.
Do you want to take part in a Voice Dialogue training session but:
• you can’t make it to the Netherlands or Italy for practical reasons?
• you don’t have the financial means to participate?
• you’d rather take part in a training session in your own country?

Then we have the solution for you!

Unique concept: you organise the training at your location
With this unique concept, we’ll come to you to conduct a training session at your own location. You organise the training in terms of facilitation. This means that you:
• make sure there are at least six participants
• consult with us to select a suitable training location
• organise a suitable overnight location for the ITP trainer(s)

The advantage of this concept is that you:
• can also organise this training session in-company
• select a location for the training where you feel comfortable
• do not have to make any financial contributions if there is sufficient demand for the session; you may even make a profit

We will consult with you to determine a price per participant, taking into consideration the typical rates applicable in your country.

Voice Dialogue Training Expansion
There is the possibility to expand the scope of the training session through multiple training days and/or individual sessions.

Training Experience abroad
The ITP has a great deal of experience in the provision of training sessions abroad. Alongside the training sessions we have organised in Italy and Greece, the ITP has provided training sessions on location in several other countries, including Argentina, Russia and Thailand.

Robert Stamboliev or one of his staff will lead the training session at your location.

Use an Interpreter
In the event that not all participants are able to understand English, the training can be delivered in your own language via an interpreter. From our experience, this works really well.

More information?
Are you keen on the idea of participating in a training session in your own environment? Then get in touch with Robert Stamboliev, director and owner of the ITP:

Phone: +31 6 51607758
E-mail: robert@voicedialogueworld.com 


We come to you, wherever you are in the world!